• Orthopedic Conditions
• Sports Injuries
• Spinal Disorders
• Cervicogenic Headache
• Postoperative Rehabilitation
• Musculoskeletal Dysfunction
• Neurologic Impairments
• Vestibular/ Balance Disorders
• Medx Isolated Spine Strengthening
• Consequences of Disease
Orthomed Physical Therapy Associates is a therapist-owned physical therapy practice in Sparks, Nevada, located along the Vista corridor to Wingfield and Spanish Springs. We provide state of the art outpatient physical therapy services for individuals with orthopedic as well as neurologic impairments, and we specialize in treatment of the spine. From headaches to foot pain, and a myriad of conditions in between, we believe in a holistic, hands on approach to healing and rehabilitation in a compassionate and caring, one on one environment. And we strive to identify and treat the cause and consequences of your condition, not just the symptoms.

Lisa Chu-Swenski and David Swenski received their Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees from the University of Southern California, the number one ranked program in the nation according to US News and World Report. In 1998, they became the first physical therapists at the clinical doctorate level to practice in the state of Nevada. Their work experience encompasses a broad spectrum of settings, ranging from the ICU to the NFL.

Dr. Chu-Swenski, a Sparks resident since 1976, and Dr. Swenski, who has called Sparks home since 1998, hope that their services will help improve quality of life for their patients in this vital, growing community for many years to come.